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May. 11th, 2009

9 omgyay


Screencaps episodes 6 & 7

Screencaps for episodes 6 & 7 have been added to joearmstrong.org. Wow, I actually kinda caught up on something!

It's so good to see regular posts in this comm. Surely someone's icon'ing series 3 Allan?? Please feel free to share here!!

May. 10th, 2009

M*A*S*H - Insanity is just a state of mi


Jezebels Competition, A Contract for Joe Armstrong - Get Voting

Finally!  Sound the trumpets!

The entries for the Jezebels competition are now up in a public post on my LJ for your delectation. Voting will remain open until midnight on Sunday 24 May.  Two votes each, cos I'm generous!  The winner will be announced thereafter. :-)

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who entered, you're fabulous and I've enjoyed reading your entries. All I will say is if these were bona fide contracts then, poor poor boy! ROTFLOL! ;-D

May. 9th, 2009

allan worn out


joearmstrong.org updates

Yes, yes, I'm very far behind. I'm catching up though! There are now galleries full of lovely screencaps from the first 5 episodes of Robin Hood series 3 up on the Joe Armstrong fansite, and if you didn't know, there's also a new set of Service screencaps (by "new" I mean about a month old, lol)

If you have any problems, or ever stumble across any broken links or missing images, please let me know. I'm having more uploading issues with the s3 caps than I think I've ever had with any of the others.

Thanks as ever to Joes_Lashes for all the wonderful Robin Hood caps. Talk about Speedy Gonzalez, it's definitely not JL's fault I've been so behind with these!

Apr. 21st, 2009

M*A*S*H - Insanity is just a state of mi


Competition for the Jezebels: Update

I'm disappointed to announce that I've only received one entry for this competition which I set up a few weeks ago on my LJ.  

As a gesture of good will, I am willing to extend the deadline again to the end of the month (midnight, 30 April) if anyone wishes to enter. 

In the meantime a huge thank you to the one person who sent me their entry, it was very much appreciated.  Your efforts will not be in vain.

Apr. 18th, 2009

M*A*S*H - Insanity is just a state of mi


Shootastic - Hi Res pics for Series 3, Episode 7

More pics uploaded to Shootastic.  5 more promotional images plus 15 stills for episode 3x07, featuring Allan.

NB: You should all know this by now: the site requires you to register before viewing the pics.

Mar. 28th, 2009

Random: purple heart


Mood theme: Allan a Dale

Ever wanted an Allan a Dale mood theme? Well, now you can have one! (If you don't mind my amatuerish cropping and colouring.)

HERE @ dear_lydia

preview under the cutCollapse )
M*A*S*H - Insanity is just a state of mi


Shootastic Update: Episodes 2 to 4 now posted

Paige from Shootastic has done it again!

Spoilers for Episodes 2-4. Warning: Image HeavyCollapse )

Mar. 26th, 2009

M*A*S*H - Insanity is just a state of mi


Competition Time for the Jezebels

Further to a conversation today on the JAFF, I have decided to run a little competition from my livejournal to celebrate the return of Robin Hood and most importantly, our Joe to TV.

I won't be running the competition from the forum itself which has a PG-13 max rating, so I can allow more more explicit content.    When I have received all entries, I create a poll again on my LJ for people to choose their favourite. I will also make a veiled announcement of the winner on the JAFF, without disclosing too many of the more juicier bits!

There is no prize, apart from stimulating the creative juices - amongst other things! - and entertaining us all!

Sorry, but due to the adult nature of my LJ - over 18's only.

M*A*S*H - Insanity is just a state of mi


S3 Outlaws Group Photo

yorkshirewench posted this to the Joe Armstrong Fan Forum this morning and has made my day! ;-) Thanks babe!

Oh, to be that hand on Joe's thigh or rock under his boot!Collapse )

There are also a couple of really gorgeous hi-res photos of Allan, Much and Kate over on the brilliant Shootastic site.  You have register to see them.

Crossposted to: [info]robinhoodbbc

Mar. 24th, 2009

M*A*S*H - Insanity is just a state of mi


"Service" on Channel 4

Service was shown here last night on Channel 4 in the wee small hours as part of the "Coming Up" series of films. It's is now on Channel 4 Catch up website for the next 30 days.

Cleaning has never looked so horny! ;-)

*faints from the sight of Marigolds*

Sadly this service (haha!) is only available to those of us here in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

From the Channel 4 websiteCollapse )

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