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Baby Blues

omteddy2006 in joearmstrongluv

Breaking the Mould - A Reply from BBC America

For those of you who saw my comment to rochvelleth's entry on BtM and were wondering if I got a reply to my e-mail, here it is. This standard reply came on July 29. I am taking it as a sign that there is no immediate plan to broadcast it on BBC America. Maybe, we'll have better luck with PBS.

Thank you for taking the time to submit a programming request for “Breaking the Mould”.


Please know that BBC America holds the opinions of viewers such as yourself in high regard. Rest assured we will forward your request on to the appropriate department.


Kind regards,

BBC America Viewer Relations


I really hope they show it for you! {{hugs}}
You just replied so that you could use your new BtM icon, didn't you?

Hey, thanks for rubbing it in! (Just kidding! :) I appreciate you caring for us, Yanks! We're so Joe-deprived.)
Aww, would I? (yeah, I probably would!). No, I really, really hope you do get to see it - I wish all Jezebels had access to all of Joe's work. There are still some of his works that I haven't seen yet, so I know how frustrating it is, believe me!
I haven't heard from PBS yet,when i ask about New Tricks and it took a month when i got a reply.so hopefully i get one soon. Thanks for your info Omteddy.
That's a nice reply anyway. I hope they do show it!

July 2010

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