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rochvelleth in joearmstrongluv

Breaking the Mould

I saw a trailer for Breaking the Mould today (it showed before Doctors on BBC1), and it looked very good. Only a quick glimpse of Joe, but he looked lovely.

It will be shown on Wednesday 29th July, on BBC 4, at 9pm (until 10.20).

If you miss that, there's a repeat later on the same night (about midnight or 12.20, I think).


He does look lovely, doesn't he - all smart and grown up!
I know! Awww :)

I love your icon, by the way - *lol*
Thanks! It was made by totally_tinus, made me chuckle.
I'm looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say about Joe's first post-Robin Hood performance.

Because I have the patience of a very small child, I have just e-mailed BBC America to see if we can expect it to be shown on that channel, or if those of us stateside will just have to pray for their local PBS or other station to pick it up. I'll certainly let you all know if I get a reply.
I can't wait to watch it :D

Good luck with getting a reply - I hope everyone stateside does get to watch it properly on TV!
Ahhhh! You guys so lucky!i wanna know if someone will can have a still pic of him,oh please,hopefully joe_lashes can,cause she the best with that.yeah omteddy,i'll write to PBS.
Check out JL's screen caps of the BTM trailer on the JAFF. In the screencaps section I think. There are a few stills there (mostly of Joe looking down unfortunately!).
I will eventually have screencaps, but not for at least a week yet :'(
I saw the trailer too! Though at a different time. I was watching intently for Joe, although my mum thought I was interested in Dominic West :D
*lol* I hope they keep showing it, it's nice to get a little tiny snippet of gorgeousness when you're not expecting it :)
Bless him, he does look about 12 in that trailer!
I know, it's very sweet, isn't it? :) Aww...
I saw that trailer when I was in the UK!

Looks good!
The last three weeks! I just got home yesterday.
is it on teh internets yet?!
I'll join the ranks of people wanting it on the internet :) but I haven't got the facilities to upload it myself, or I would :(

I'm sure someone will put the episode up as soon as it's aired though.

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